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Animated video production for GCSE Maths

We developed, built and produced over 500 animated videos to cover the entirety of the Edexcel Maths GCSE course.

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Maths (GCSE, UK)
Editorial development, audio and video production, project management

Project details

Over the course of a year, we developed, built and produced a suite of animated videos, carrying out all editorial and production work ourselves, in-house. These videos provide clear and concise explanations of every single learning objective in the Edexcel GCSE Maths courses, for both Foundation and Higher students.

After starting as a simple 5-chapter trial run, to fix some issues with videos created prior to our involvement, the client saw the value in using our bespoke and subject-specific services. This led to the project quickly expanding to cover the full course, and our involvement growing from just video production to also include manuscript QA and editorial development. Our close-knit and adaptable team of content specialists ensured we were able to get things right first time, and consistently meet our client’s evolving requirements throughout.

And amongst all this, we were able to utilise an agile and adaptable production process that streamlined the workflow and entirely removed the need for external review, thus saving the client a significant amount of time and budget.

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