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Our services

We’ve a full pencil case of tools at our disposal.

Content creation and editorial

The highest quality (at a reasonable price)

We understand that the technicality of STEM subjects means that materials can be hard to get right, and even harder to fix if they’re not right from the start.

All of our work is carried out by trained and experienced subject experts, which means you can rest assured you’ll get high quality from the start, without the need for lengthy review processes, or drawn-out projects that get bogged down by correction cycles and last-minute revisions.

Plus, we’ll handle any project management and other related admin ourselves, if you want us to, so that you can be confident that everything is in one place.

Editorial services

Development, copy editing and proofreading

Whether it’s a one-off task or a comprehensive edit and proofread, let us know what you need and we’ll see how we can help.

Content creation

Technical artwork, videos, and audio production

We specialise in creating affordable and high-quality technical artworks, and instructional videos and audio, for Science and Maths – backed up by the usual subject expertise that you’ll find in all of our services.


Course building and development

Do you have your own platform and need something building into it? We might already know it! And if not, then we’re fast learners, so just show us the ropes and we’ll handle the rest.

Project and editorial management

Your projects are safe in our hands

We do things a little differently to most suppliers, which lets us deliver a faster and higher-quality service, without impacting the budget.

We believe that the key to a successful project is ensuring that everyone working on every stage of the project (including project managers) has the subject expertise to get involved in the content creation process. This way, our project managers fully understand what is needed every step of the way.

Project management

Setting up and running entire projects

If you haven’t started your project yet, get in touch to see how we can help set up schedules, teams, briefs, style guides, and more. We’ll suggest our own best practices, or follow your lead, and then we’ll manage the project every step of the way through to final delivery, so you can rest assured it’s in safe hands throughout.

Project recovering

Recovering and revitalising projects

Has your project been shelved due to lack of resource? Or perhaps it’s fallen on hard times due to stretched budgets, faulty suppliers, or something else? We pride ourselves in being able to polish even the roughest of diamonds, so get in touch to see how me might be able to give your project a new lease of life.

Editorial management

Establishing and managing editorial quality

Maybe you’re all set for project management, and you just need a subject and resource expert on hand to help you establish quality parameters and editorial conventions – and then make sure they’re being upheld? We can help with that too. And, in fact, we’ll do it as standard with any of our project management services.

Commissioning and concept development

We’ll help bring your ideas to life

Do you have the beginning of a concept, but you don’t have the knowledge, resource, or time to carry it further?

Our knowledge and experience of creating educational resources means we’ll be able to help you research and develop a concept, find the right authors and reviewers to work on it, and ensure the editorial stages get off to a smooth start.

Project management

Developing a concept, course, pedagogy and more

We’ll help you assess and develop your idea to make sure it’s going to deliver exactly how you would like, and in the way you would like it to, including multi-component and multi-platform courses with complex interdependencies.

Author and review management

Finding and managing the right people

We have a fair few contacts in the industry, which means we can help you to establish a project team of informed and enthusiastic authors and reviewers, and then we’ll make sure they’re fully briefed and supported throughout the project.

Style and branding

Establishing style, branding and conventions

We’ll work with you to establish conventions and best practices, so that your products can have a seamless and professional consistency throughout, in a way that’s accessible and obvious to all project members.