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We provide specialist end-to-end educational content services in Science and Maths.

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Hi, we’re Orso!

We use in-house experts to create exceptional educational resources for your projects.

Orso Publishing works with publishers, educators and more to create high-quality STEM learning materials for print, digital and hybrid projects.

Unlike many suppliers, our resources are created in-house, and only by trained subject experts.

By doing this, we can fully engage with your product, understand exactly what’s needed, and guarantee a high-quality product that’s on-time and on-budget.

Our services

We can turn our pen
to pretty much anything

Content creation and editorial

Content creation and editorial

High-quality content created, edited and checked by subject experts – including instructional videos, technical artworks, and traditional authoring, editorial work or content development.

Project and editorial management

Project and editorial management

End-to-end project and editorial management for projects of any size, handled by experienced subject experts and integrated into content creation services where applicable.

Commissioning and concept development

Commissioning and concept development

Experience- and research-led development of concepts for your next STEM project, including the acquisition, training and management of authors, editors and other suppliers.

Something else?

Can’t see what you’re looking for here, or just not sure where your project is headed next? Get in touch and see if we can help with whatever it is that you need.

How we work

Our formula for success

The way we operate makes us stand out from the crowd. Our values are at the core of everything we do, and because of them, we are able to guarantee the highest quality results.

Subject experts only

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again because we believe in this very strongly!

We will only ever work on a product if we have the subject expertise to do so – and that includes top-level tasks like project management.

That way, we can guarantee that we fully understand and engage with your project, and that we’re well-placed to communicate on a technical and specific level with all authors, editors, and other team members involved.

The right people

When it comes to hiring staff, we believe strongly in finding the right people, rather than the right work experience, and then providing them with all the specific training necessary to carry out their work successfully.

This way, we can personally guarantee that everyone on the team is fully qualified to do their job, and that they’re motivated and engaged to take your product exactly where you want it.

No compromises on quality

Unlike many suppliers, we do most of our work in-house, so that we can personally guarantee the quality ourselves.

We’ll only work with a small number of known and trusted external suppliers when we’re unable to do the work ourselves.

Small, engaged teams

We want every team member to be fully immersed in the project, and to be able to work with, support, and cover for other team members when necessary.

So, our project managers lead from the front and carry out much of the work themselves, rather than simply assigning jobs and updating spreadsheets.

Case studies

Showing our working

We’ve partnered with clients large and small. Here are some recent projects we’re particularly proud of.

Animated video production for GCSE Maths

We developed, built and produced over 500 animated videos to cover the entirety of the Edexcel Maths GCSE course.

Textbook re-editioning for the Irish curriculum

We helped a publisher to re-edition their flagship series of student books, covering Maths content from the Junior Cycle to the Leaving Certificate O-Level.

Online course building for IB DP Sciences and iGCSE Maths

We worked with a publisher on their online IB DP Science and iGCSE Maths courses, helping with reviews, builds, artwork creation and accessibility.

Revision guide for A Level Psychology

We managed the editorial production of a comprehensive and tightly-packed A Level Psychology revision guide, from copy edit through to publication, in close collaboration with the author, commissioning editor, and our client’s in-house editorial and design teams.

About us

Greater than the sum of our parts

We have decades of experience with writing, editing, developing and building STEM learning resources for publishers and Ed-tech companies in the UK and global education markets.